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In a previous post I mentioned that planning a wedding is a lot of hard work, but now that I’ve managed to tick off a few big things on the mammoth to-do list, I take that back. We’ve been engaged since December, and I’m loving it. We know a few people who have gotten engaged after us, and are either already married, or having their wedding before ours. This always leads to conversations about having so much time to plan a wedding, or buckling down and planning it in a shorter space of time. These conversations are so boring, people should just do what they like and what feels right for you. Get over it, and move on.

So, we’ve been engaged for over seven months now, and we still have another eight before our wedding. This is a lot of time, but enough for us to keep taking it easy with the planning, looking at the finer details and putting together the last of the money towards this all. Continue reading »

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There are some people whose lives are completely interesting. It’s an infrequent occurrence, which makes the discovery all the more special. Vivian Maier is one such person. Vivian was discovered as an amazing photographer after John Maloof picked up a trunk of photographs and negatives at an auction. When he started posting some of the images online, critical acclaim followed as well a slew of exhibitions across the world.

Sadly, her work was discovered towards the very end of her life, and only after she passed away did her work get the attention it deserved. Vivian Maier left behind a body of work comprising over 100,000 negatives! Vivian’s passion for documenting extended to a series of homemade documentary films and audio recordings too. It’s hard not to see things like this and think about my own little place in the world. I guess the least I can hope for is to make some kind of impact, somewhere. Continue reading »

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I’ve had this link open for more than a month now, and to be honest I’m not sure what to say other than that. For a month, whenever I opened my browser these images would greet me and I didn’t get tired of them. I’d even go as far as to say that it made me really happy looking at them. What better reason is there than that for sharing?! There is something about these images that I just can’t get enough of, and obviously, I like birds.

Birds of a Feather by Claire Rosen, is a portrait series of live birds ranging from the common Parakeet to the exotic Hyacinth Macaw. The birds are posed against complimentary vintage looking wallpaper to encourage optical illusion and visual blending. Continue reading »

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Without duplicating any recipes, or counting pie-related recipes like whoopee pies, so far I’ve shared 13 pies on the blog. That’s quite a few, and all of them have been dessert or sweet pies. I’m breaking that tradition with one which is a bit time-consuming to make, but oh so worth it! Just don’t plan on making this after work for dinner, unless you don’t mind eating a few hours later!

Found objects is not the right term to use, and leftovers doesn’t quite sound right either. In any case, we had a cooked mielie in the fridge and decided to add that to the filling. A small addition to the recipe, but it makes quite the difference. Obviously, this is not something that you’ll always have, but then I’m sure a little can of corn would work just as well. Continue reading »

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From GQ’s Nerd of the Year to one of TIME’s Most Influential People in the World, Biz Stone represents different things to different people. But he is known to all as the creative, effervescent, funny, charmingly positive, and remarkably savvy co-founder of Twitter - the social media platform that singlehandedly changed the way the world works. Now, Biz tells fascinating, pivotal, and personal stories from his early life and career at Google and Twitter, sharing his knowledge about the nature and importance of ingenuity today.

It was a little tricky trying to rate this book. I would definitely classify this as a memoir rather than a business book. An easy read, and an interesting story of someone who followed his instincts and has a few good stories to tell along the way, but ultimately it gives very little insight or any proper depiction of the rise of Twitter (or any of the other companies he has been a part of). While reading this book, you can’t help but want more information and context around some of the incidents shared. Ultimately, there is some good advice in the book which essentially boils down to make your own opportunities. Biz seems like a really good guy who takes pride in helping people and philanthropy, and succeeds in bringing a humane side to a tech company.

“The other thing I’ll say about money is that having a lot of it amplifies who you are. I have found this to be almost universally true. If you are a nice person, and then you get money, you become a wonderful philanthropist. But if you are an asshole with lots of money you can afford to be more of an asshole.”

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