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Dark Windows
by Louis Greenberg
Dark Windows by Louis Greenberg

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Black Thursday. The day that will never be forgotten. The day that four passenger planes crash, at almost exactly the same moment, at four different points around the globe. There are only four survivors. Three are children, who emerge from the wreckage seemingly unhurt. But they are not unchanged. And the fourth is Pamela May Donald, who lives just long enough to record a voice message on her phone. A message that will change the world. The message is a warning.  

Black Thursday takes place in 2012 when planes crash in the US, Japan, South Africa and off the UK coast. Once terrorism has been ruled out and environmental factors disregarded as the source, we’re pretty much left to decide for ourselves whether we believe it to a be a mere coincidence or something else entirely. In the end, the only unifying factor is the child survivor in each crash. This turns into exactly the type of fodder to encourage a charismatic evangelical minister who tries his utmost to convince his congregation and the world that the survivors are the harbingers of the apocalypse.

The Three is actually a book within a book as most of what we read are taken from From Crash To Conspiracy, written by investigative journalist Elspeth Martins. An interesting premise, and I certainly enjoyed the various viewpoints that were shared in the book, from the gossip columnist to the online chat/support group and first-responders on the various crash-sites. But, it did feel like the book was a big build-up to something more, as if it was setting the scene for the dystopian future that was set in motion by this catastrophic event. It felt like a really long prologue to a (possibly paranormal) story that was only getting started, rather than one that was actually coming to an end – also, I didn’t care much for the ambiguous ending, I much prefer well-rounded outcomes.

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Karen Kilgariff has been the head writer for various comedy shows, currently she’s working on The Pete Holmes Show. Something I think she should be a household name for is writing hilarious songs like this one called I Want to Win/The Tina Fey Song:

This is not just the song of the day, it’s song of the week.

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I’d never watched Veronica Mars when it was on TV a few years back, but with so few current shows being worthwhile and the entire series being available on Netflix, I thought “why not”? A part of me was expecting it to be a bit lame and something that I’d only watch a few episodes of, but I was hooked pretty early on. It could’ve been the mixture of the sarcasm and the skewed view of high school that I related to. It was quite refreshing to see a series where the writers made more of an attempt to have well-rounded teenagers rather than the two polars opposites that are usually depicted, the morbidly depressed and the shiny, happy people. Continue reading »

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Matt makes the absolute best hot chocolate, which is one of my absolute favourite things when this time of year rolls around. I’ve known how he does it for a while, but I honestly prefer it when he makes it for me. The recipe is kind of basic, but it’s also really sweet which means we can only manage small portions at a time.

When we don’t use NoMU’s dark chocolate pieces, Matt goes the extra mile and grates a slab of Lindt Caramel Intense really finely. Sometimes when I make it, I like to add some extra marshmallow fluff right at the end so that it lies on top of the hot chocolate.

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Score:  5/10

Ideal for: The Android customer who is big on music and not so big on photographs.

Damage: R 1966

This past weekend we visited the Montecasino Bird Gardens which is a great place to test out photographic capabilities on a phone. Going into this I was looking for a phone that could possibly tip the scale for me. Everyone knows about the Android vs. Apple debate and for the past five odd years I’ve had an iPhone, but sometimes you can’t help but be curious… Both ends feel extremely strongly about this, and my phone had been giving me a few issues, so why not? Even though many people are comfortable with the Android platform, I can’t imagine my parents taking to it (aka me trying to teach it…). Continue reading »

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