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Dark Windows
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Dark Windows by Louis Greenberg

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Posted by Tam

Matt makes the absolute best hot chocolate, which is one of my absolute favourite things when this time of year rolls around. I’ve known how he does it for a while, but I honestly prefer it when he makes it for me. The recipe is kind of basic, but it’s also really sweet which means […]

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Posted by Tam

Since I was introduced to this last year it has become my absolute favourite page on Facebook, but the good news is that it is a blog with a very nice back catalogue to look at too. They Draw and Cook is, as the name suggests, a compilation of people’s creative renditions of their recipes. Some […]

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Posted by Tam

My favourite smell of all is that of oranges. I just can’t get enough of it, whether it’s in perfume or food it doesn’t matter. Whenever Easter rolls around I start craving foods with some orange flavour in it. I have memories of oranges stuck with whole cloves as decorations when I was a child. […]

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Posted by Tam

It’s my birthday! I think I might be ill or something, because for the first time ever I’m not in the mood for birthday cake. But, it would be strange to do away with all sweet confectionary altogether. If  you’re a fan of things you just throw together in a few minutes, this is the […]

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Posted by Tam

I realise that I usually start a pie post this way, but something I will never understand is the lack of pie culture in this country. There are so many different kinds to choose from, and I’m convinced they all have the ability to make you feel better. Even if you aren’t upset or in […]

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