The President's Keepers: Those Keeping Zuma in Power and Out of Prison
by Jacques Pauw
The President's Keepers: Those Keeping Zuma in Power and Out of Prison by Jacques Pauw

The Rules of Magic
by Alice Hoffman
The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

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List Loving #1
Posted by Tam

I’ve seen this done on a few blogs that I follow. On Fridays it’s either a list of awesome things found on the internet, or a collection of Instagram photos. I’ve managed to hold out on using Instagram – I fear that if I do, I might not get anything else done.

1. Succulents and Road Trip Elopement. Some people are so gutsy!

2. This friend morse code necklace.

3. I know this is recommended for children, but this zoo biscuit wallpaper is great. I might find myself licking the walls on occasion if I ever do get it.

4. Neon yellow highlighter pencils with natural wood finish.

5. My latest guilty pleasure is looking at nail art. I know I’ll never have the patience or mad skills required to pull this off, but it’s so pretty! My favourites are here and here, and here!

6. Hand made stoneware antelope and french bulldog mugs. Unfortunately, I would instantly break these.

7. A creative dad takes crazy pictures of his daughters. These are so adorable! I know it’s so intrusive, but I’d love to see annual photo albums in the years to come. Here’s to hoping!

8. Brightly coloured thread installation by Mexican artist, Gabriel Dawe.

9. I’ve been having dreams about this blouse.

10. Incredibly moving self-penned obituary. If you haven’t had your daily/weekly cry yet, brace yourself.

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    Posted by adrie

    #8 is beautiful!

      Posted by Tam

      I doubt I’ll ever have the required amount of patience or follow-through to even consider pulling that off!

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