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Slaan daardie slang!
Posted by Tam

Matt came home from work one day and showed me this video. For the past three weeks since then we’ve been battling with the ear worm. It doesn’t help that when one of us hums it, or sings a line we share the video with friends. It’s one of those things that you just can’t unsee, but in a good way! The track is Alane by Wes in the Cameroonian language Duala, sounds pretty similar to Afrikaans in some places. I think the only tragedy here is that most of my friends from Zimbabwe don’t understand Afrikaans and can’t appreciate this video.

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    Posted by NickiD

    I want to watch it but I am one of those silly Zimbos who doesn’t understand Afrikaans!

      Posted by Tam

      This might *just* be my calling in life. I’ll try to find someone who can add English subtitles. It’s brilliant and has to be shared with the world.

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