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Terry Pratchett giveaway!!
Posted by Tam

I think this is the most exciting giveaway I’ve had on the blog yet! If you enjoy reading fantasy, you’ve no doubt heard of Terry Pratchett. Random House Struik put together a most amazing goodie bag which includes a paperback copy of Snuff, and a hardcover copy of each of the following: The World of Poo, A Blink of the Screen, Dodger, The Long Earth, The Compleat Ankh-Morpork City Guide with a fold-out map and a light canvas book bag!

The rules of the giveaway:

  1. To enter: leave me a comment below to tell me which Terry Pratchett book has the best cover in your opinion.
  2. You can enter the giveaway a second time
    by clicking this button:
    to tweet the following message: “Tweet to win a Terry Pratchett hamper from @RandomStruik & @iwantadodo. Visit for details”.
  3. The giveaway ends on Friday 25 January, and the winner will be randomly selected in a lucky draw and announced on shortly thereafter.
  4. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. This giveaway is open to anyone in South Africa.
  6. As unlikely as it is, we reserve the right to cancel this giveaway at any time and amend any details and/or prizes without notice.
  7. To participate in the Twitter portion of the giveaway please keep in mind the following:
    • The full body of the tweet message must be posted in order to qualify as an entry.
    • Entrants who create multiple Twitter accounts for the sake of additional entries into this giveaway will be disqualified.
    • Entrants who tweet the entry message will earn only one (1) entry into the giveaway. Multiple tweets or retweeting will not result in multiple entries

Good luck!

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. The winner is Megan (@MamaZombieZA), congratulations!

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    Posted by Steven

    I think I am the biggest Terry Pratchett fan around!!! I love all his work!!! I can see that Map in a giant frame hanging on my wall… 😀

    Posted by vanessa

    My favorite cover is the original UK release of pyramids, with strata a close second

    Posted by Maria

    I love Terry Pratchett! And I quite like The Long Earth’s cover, it’s very different from the designs which are usually used on Pratchett books 🙂

    Posted by johann pollard

    Favourite cover is The Last Hero with the Silver Horde in all their glory.

    I will offer op at least a half of my small toe to win this prize. I’m the biggest Pratchett fan!

    Posted by Allen Versfeld

    Have to agree with Johann – The hardcover edition of The Last Hero, with its portrait of Cohen, is my favourite cover of them all.

    Posted by Brandon Boss

    Definitely Last Hero for my favorite cover. Love Terry Pratchett!

    Posted by Hamza

    Great Last Hero seems to be quite popular and is my choice as well.

    Posted by KJ Mulder

    That’s quite a tough choice. I always liked the covers by Josh Kirby but my favorite by a hair must be the one for the UK edition of Monstrous Regiment done by Paul Kidby.

    Posted by Waseem

    I really like the cover of Unseen Academicals

    Posted by Anesca

    In my opinion, Dodger has the best cover by far. The style of the drawing, done by Paul Kidby, complements the story and era of the story incredibly well, as well as the colours, giving a melancholy feel despite the character’s smiling face. The perspective of the cover draws the eye in and holds it, making one look carefully at all the elements of the illustration, starting in the middle and going outwards to the dog and finally to the rest of the illustration, however it keeps the focus of the illustration to the character.

    Posted by Craig Smith

    My favourite is Night Watch, good enough to be hanging in an art museum.

    Posted by Byron

    Moving Pictures. It’s that simple.

    Posted by David

    Thud! Love the image of the guardsman holding his torch up to ward off the surrounding dark

    Posted by terri-maree

    My favourite is Eric from the Discworld series

    Posted by RichardAtUCT

    I’m a huge fan of the colour of magic cover. Crazy and very Pratchett.

    Posted by Nadia

    I love the Witches Abroad cover with all the twisted fairy tale references 🙂

    Posted by Robert Miller

    Snuff has the best cover by miles.

    Posted by @AngelConradie

    No matter what anyone else says, I am the biggest Pterry fan on the planet! I NEED to win this hamper!
    My favourite favourite cover is the Josh Kirby painting on “Guards! Guards!”
    (tweeted an entry too)

    Posted by Carrott

    Love the cover of Soul Music!

    Posted by Divan Meyer

    My favourite cover has to be The Fifth Elephant. The colours are amazing.

    Posted by Renée de Bruyn

    I loved Unseen Academicals, but always find myself pouring over most of the covers. It’s really hard to choose just one when you love his books and characters.

    Posted by Claire

    My favourite cover would certainly be Reaper Man.
    Death is my favourite character and I’ve owned my copy for years and years. It’s pretty dog eared but much loved.

    Posted by Corrie206

    Soul Music, come on, motorcycle made from bones, Death riding it.. 🙂

    Posted by Ted Loukes

    All the Discworld covers have been brilliant, but Witches Abroad has so much content woven into it. That would be my favourite.

    Posted by Anica

    My favourite is Nightwatch, just because of the painting it represents. (But Paul Kidby is pretty amazing. ) From the books above, my fave is definitely Dodger.
    This is such a cool give-away for fan girl and boys! Love love love!

    Posted by Kate

    I love the old Josh Kirby covers, also adored the covers of Night Watch and I liked the colours of Wintersmith. I could go on – it’s very difficult to choose.

    Posted by Amanda

    the Cover of The Last Hero is iconic! and heroic!

    Posted by Heath

    Best cover art has to be Equal Rites, introduces Weatherwax as one of the greatest matriarchs in fantasy, her clan of witches being thrown into an as yet unisexual wizarding society makes for some properly funny observations!

    Posted by Heath

    Go to if you’re having trouble choosing..he’s listed some of the best!

    Posted by Robi27

    My favourite Pratchett covers are Snuff and Unseen Academicals!

    Posted by Kirsty Bisset

    Woah! Now that I have stopped hyperventilating over this prize, I’d like to say that my favourite cover is ‘Going Postal’. I may be biased as that’s the book that started my affair with Terry.

    Posted by Lena

    I remember poring over the Josh Kirby covers as a little kid, completely and utterly fascinated. Until my older brother declared I was finally Old Enough to actually read the books. The cover of ‘Mort’ was a firm favourite, mostly because there were so many people on one poor horse.

    Posted by Shaun

    Mort by Josh Kirby for Death and Binky. Also, being the first book, it’s still my favourite.

    Posted by Henriël

    I think my favourite must be the original cover for “The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents”. Had one of the cutest, funniest introductory lines to any book ever too 🙂

    Posted by Mark

    Mort, hands down.

    Posted by Laura Shortridge

    This was a difficult choice, but Josh Kirby’s Soul Music remains my all-time favourite Discworld cover.

    Posted by Con

    Night Watch, most definitely! Probably because it looks so much like an old renaissance painting.

    Posted by Carl

    Just one cover?? Buggrit … be back later

    Posted by melanie Pieterkosky

    Love the Kirby cover of Men at Arms. I’m not sure why but it draws me in

    Posted by Brian

    Has to be The World of Poo

    Posted by Dhesh

    I thought Snuff was very cool.

    Posted by Cherise

    Wow, what an awesome prize!!

    And to pick just one cover is impossible!! I think if I had to narrow it down to two… the first would be Witches Abroad and the second would be Hogfather… both extremely colourful and vibrant!!

    Mmmm, but I also love Feet of Clay and Moving Pictures… this is hard…

    okay!! I’ll choose just one and the best would then have to be Witches Abroad. (Also tweeting this!!)

    Posted by Anthea Nadin

    Tough One, I’d say REAPER MAN

    Posted by Nick Hall

    Night Watch, I love that is a rendition of Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch”

    Posted by Meg

    The World of Poo is totally frame-worthy – and not just for the bathroom!

    Posted by Janrik Oberholzer

    The 5th elephant cover

    Posted by Meg

    Although it’s a collaboration between Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, I love the cover of Good Omens. One of my favourite books ever!

    If I had to pick a second favourite it would be Carpe Jugulum. Swoon.

    Posted by cat_hellisen

    The Night Watch cover, hands down.

    Posted by Megan

    I LOVE any cover done by Paul Kidby. My favorite is a close tie between Wee Free Men and Thud!

    Posted by liamk

    Of these, the Snuff cover wins handily. Of all the Terry Pratchett books in the whole world ever – Soul Music?

    Posted by Ona Loots

    Definitely the Paul Kidby cover for Night Watch. I just love all the irreverent references to the original Rembrandt painting.

    Posted by Ricardo

    I am currently loving the Dodger cover.

    Posted by LeeAnne Olfsen

    I still love Thud! To me, it has one of the most symbolic and different covers.

    Posted by Brian

    Night Watch

    Posted by Nerine Schaper

    My favorite cover is Thud. I much prefer the original looking covers to those black ones they came out with a while ago. Glad they’ve brought the original look back

    Posted by Nicola Meyer

    The Long Earth

    Posted by Tara

    My favourite is Night Watch, for a few reasons. Main 2 reasons: it is a wonderful, detailed picture that you can(and I have) stare for ages, naming all the characters; and I love the humour of it being a parody of “Night Watch”

    Posted by Anna

    There’s something about the original cover of The Truth that I just love!

    Posted by Carla

    I love the cover of Snuff and Thud!! =]

    Posted by Lara

    My favourite has got to be “Mort”, both the cover and the book itself. Love love love Terry Pratchett.

    Posted by Lara

    My favourite has got to be “Mort”, both the cover and the book itself. Love love love Terry Pratchett.

    Posted by beth

    My favourite cover is of The Wee Free Men.
    I just love all things Pratchett.

    tweeted @AraliaSA

    Posted by mtb

    I like the understatedness of the Compleat Ankh Morpork of the lot you have available.

    Ever? Ooo…. Last Hero, I think.

    Posted by M Irfaan

    Snuff: It has all the details of characters and stories we’ve been building up since Nightwatch. Ineffable

    Posted by Raoul Moolman

    Dark Omens

    Posted by Aasia

    Has to be nightwatch

    Posted by Zaakira

    I like the Tiffany Aching covers. Most notably the cover of Wintersmith. It was the first Terry Pratchett novel I read, resulting in sufficiently piquing my interest in the discworld.

    Posted by Wilhelm

    Moving Pictures

    Posted by Danica

    The one that started it all, for Mr Pratchett and for me: the Josh Kirby Carpet People cover.

    Posted by Kath

    I like the Long Earth cover! I am looking forward to introducing my kids to Terry Pratchett, great to see them enjoying reading!

    Posted by Colette

    I love the cover of ‘A Hat Full of Sky’ but then I love all the books that include the Wee Free Men!

    Posted by Pieter

    I think the best cover is Going Postal.

    Posted by Nazia Kera

    My favourite cover is for Unseen Academicals.

    Posted by Karen Bormke

    I fell in love with the discworld with HOGFATHER. The most amazing story.

    Posted by Leaf

    I love the cover of Monstrous Regiment, the characters are just perfect!

    Posted by Clifford

    I love the cover of Monstrous Regiment

    Posted by tracy

    Difficult choice, but will go with The Long Earth. Awesome giveaway and blog, thanks 🙂

    Posted by Lauren K Kruger

    My favourite cover is Snuff, because it suits my taste in art.

    Posted by Nasika baijnath

    Definitely Nightwatch

    Posted by Thea Grobler van der

    I truly choose The Long Earth – this awesome journey takes me away from ordinary earth to my ‘new’ earth, exactly where I want to be!

    Posted by Roxanne Stark

    **The world of Poo**

    Posted by barnita

    Snuff is the best cover of all the books, it just makes you want to read it, great book!

    Posted by Monique Bernic

    I love the cover of Soul Music, the first one I read as well. 🙂

    Posted by Conrad Stoltz

    I love all of them ! I’ve been a Terry Pratchett fan for many years. If I have to pick 1 ….. Nightwatch !!!

    Posted by Cheryl

    My favorite cover is Soul Music

    Posted by Varsha

    Mort because it was the first Pratchett book I ever read. It holds a special place in my heart.

    Posted by Loki

    Going Postal is my fave cover ever! super fun too!

    Posted by Kelly

    The World of Poo no doubt! Best cover ever!

    Posted by Anneke

    It’s a tough call – especially because I have so many associations with what’s inside the covers…
    I think my favourite has to be the double covers for Good Omens, though (US hardcover, I think).
    Close seconds: the Kirby Reaper Man for the excellent juxtapositioning of Death etc . with the pastoral icons, A Hat full of Sky, Thud

    Posted by Anneke

    (Also tweeted)

    Posted by Jana

    My fav cover would be the paperback of “the amazing maurice and his educated rodents”

    Posted by claudio morais

    My favourite book cover is Guards! Guard! The very first Watch story. As I was reading the climax I kept flipping to the cover to see Paul Kidby’s imaging of it. His covers really bring out humour of Terry Pratchett’s stories.

    Posted by claudio morais

    I meant Josh Kirby

    Posted by rehana seedat


    Posted by Karin Behrens

    If I AHVE to choose, I will go with Dodger.

    Posted by lezelle

    Nightwatch will be my choice.

    Posted by Beth le Roux

    I love the Josh Kirby covers, but my vote for favourite goes to Night Watch.

    Posted by Monique

    I like the design of The Long Earth cover.

    Posted by Dale

    I love the cover for The Light Fantastic/The Colour of Magic omnibus. It is by far the best-looking in my opinion, although I’ve always enjoyed all of Terry’s cover art

    Posted by Ruweida

    I love cover of The Last Hero !!
    Twitter name @princessruw

    Posted by Sarah-Marie Nothling

    Ooooh! Hard to decide, but I love the cover of Lords and Ladies! Hard to choose, also hard to decide whether I like the cover because of the art, or because of the story. 😉

    Posted by Jason

    MASKERADE! Whoop whoop!!

    Posted by Nicole B. Hoffmann

    The cover that stood out to me most was that of “Thud!”

    Posted by Sally-Jane

    Great prize.
    Mort would be my choice.

    Posted by Shaina

    The Wee Free Men of course!

    Posted by beth N

    i enjoyed Snuff

    Posted by Hanno vd Merwe

    Anything by Josh Kirby, but Gaurds Guards! is my favorite

    Posted by Steven Cohen

    The Last Hero has the best cover. I love Cohen the barbarian. I mean, how could I not? He has my name! 😀